Jurassic Park Raptor

We took a quick break from the Morrison Formation to help Jurassic Park Aftermath recreate a classic film favorite from our childhood. Thanks Colin for letting us be a part of it! We’ll also be releasing the JP Raptor to download for the CRYENGINE 3.4.5 Free SDK sometime after JP Aftermath is released.

Rigging & Animation: Bryan Phillips

Model & Textures: Daniel Harrison


Tech Demo v1.0 Feedback

If you’ve gotten a chance to play the tech demo we’d really like to get your feedback on it. What did you like? What do you feel needs improvement? Feel free to be critical but keep it constructive. Obviously more dinos would make it better but right now we just want your feedback on what you’ve experienced so far. We are already aware of the following bugs/changes:


  • Ragdoll joint limitations need fixed
  • Melee attack mechanics need improvement
  • Raptors need sounds
  • Raptors randomly play a sleep animation
  • If a Raptor gets to a location almost near water level, it will play sleep and wake up animation then freeze
  • Raptors walk/run animation and movement direction don’t match at random times
  • Idle turn animation/mechanics need improved


  • Time should go by slower
  • Improve fps for low details players
  • Improve raptor boundries

What else guys? :)