Collision Course has been Greenlit on Steam! Thanks for the support to everyone who voted. We are currently working on adding new features and getting ready for an Early Access release this fall. Stay tuned for updates. We think you’ll be happy with what we have planned!


27 thoughts on “Greenlit

  1. Love ur game. Downloaded the tech demo and was awesome.keep up the good work.
    P.s : Sad that the crowdfunding was unsuccessful.

  2. Hey guys pls add some more stats bar like stamina. I’d also love a killscreen with the raptor kinda like far cry series. And some more dinos especialy water dinos like deinosuchus(spelling might be wrong)oh ya almost forgot weather effects rain, thunderstorm etc. Pumped for the new feature. And finaly love ur game and appreciate ur hard work. Love u guys.

    • Thanks! If you find the mother raptor with babies and get knocked down the raptor will grab you by the head and drag you back to the nest. :) We did do some weather effects in v2.1 but will have more at release.

  3. Hey guys, How many dinosaur species u plan to have in the final game of colision course? And will this game be free

    • Great question, for the final game I can’t quite give you a definite number yet. Mostly likely between 20-30, many with variations. We plan to also have non dinosaurs species as well, like small mammals. No, the game won’t be free(us devs gotta eat :P ), it’ll be $10 in Early Access with an increase in price as the game comes closer to finish.

  4. Just another question ,will there be any updates before early access release? I’m really really interested in this game :D

    • Updates to the tech demo, no. Updates on the website of things we are working on, yes.

  5. Hi devs, on the steam page of collision course it is written that we’ll be able to craft. Does it mean only tools such as guns,axes r craftable or we’ll be able to craft buildings aswell? And if we can will the builid be destroyabe by dinosaurs and explosions? Thankss.

    • Just read the whole description again on steam and it doesnt seems we will be able to make buildings. So my question is will the large dinosaurs be able to destroy trees, small rock formations and such?

  6. Hey guys keep up the good work. This game has great potentials, much more better than ark.

  7. Hi, i have a little question. I noticed that on v.1.0 of the tech demo the day night cycle is rather slow compared to v.2.1. Will the game have the faster day night cycle or the slower one at full release or it will have a completely different one?
    (I liked the slower one more)

  8. Hey guys, will there be rpg elements and/or skill trees in this game ?
    On a side note a tresspasser remake is being develoed its called tresspassing. Its also in very early stage of development. What do you think abt it? :)

    • Not too much, most skills will come from finding/crafting new tech. Been following Trespassing for awhile, good stuff.

    • Ok, last one…this is it. :) It isn’t a priority but if the game is a success then we’d love to incorporate it.

  9. I love the way this devs answer every single noobish question of his fans. nd that makes them 10000 times better than most of the AAA industries.

  10. Just found the game from a youtuber. Downloaded it, have played for a while and definately this is the game for me. The ai is quite impressive for a indie project. The graphics are also quite good. Pls add crocodile like dinosaurs (i dont know the name). And add snails pls.

    • Thanks, much appreciated. This is def the first request we’re have for snails. We’ll see what we can do. ;) Did you find the pistol yet? :) It’s in a cave with water in it.