3 thoughts on “Tech Demo v2 Coming on Friday!

  1. Waiting your Demo man please uplad it i cant wait any more , the tech demo 1 was one of the best things that i ever saw which developed in cryengine . so excited for this new one .

  2. What the f@ck did you remove the gun for guys,come on on a f@cking sticks going to kill a dinosaur…..Ok??????

    But other than that catastrophic f@ck up of unparalleled propotions the game is off the f@cking hook guys really impressive lush graphics,it needs the plane back and guns not a gun sticks are good for building fires to keep the monsters at bay when your building a fire as the sun sets hint hint,but to kill a dinosaur with a stick that’s fu@cking bat shit crazy,it’s like comparison of diving in with a live 27″ft great white shark and trying to eat it with a fork you use for eating your dinner with lmfao.