Tech Demo v2.0 Released!

This tech demo represents four months of work from our tiny team of two. We decided to tackle some of the most challenging aspects of development first to lay a good foundation to build on. This includes the AI/dinosaur and player interactions with each other and the world as well as a basic inventory and a unique weapon. By doing this we hoped it would give everyone a nice well rounded experience of what we want Crynosaurs to become. You may encounter a few bugs here and there but it’s still a very fun experience! Take your time and poke around a bit, there are a lot of neat surprises to discover. If you do find any bugs, please take a minute and report them to us in the comments section. Enjoy!


We’re aware of an AMD crash related to newer cards and working on a fix for this.

  • Just unzip and run the Crynosaurs_TechDemo.bat file
  • H key brings up an in game help menu
  • Adjust video settings for rez/quality as needed from the menu – Esc
  • Mouse scroll to equip spear the first time.
  • [ ] – Brackets cycle through spawn points.
  • \ – Change time of day
  • Cryengine needs DX11 capable video card, and for this demo you need a 64bit OS.
  • NVIDIA GeForce 400 series or AMD Radeon HD 6000 series(Latest drivers)
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Intel Dual-Core 2GHz or AMD Dual-Core 2GHz

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40 thoughts on “Tech Demo v2.0 Released!

  1. I’m having some trouble starting up, could you post what the minimum requirements for the demo might be? I would think it shouldn’t be my PC but I can’t think of any other reason why it won’t open.

  2. Hi guys, really glad to see you back!

    I found it really odd that you jump once you release the spacebar, not as you press it.

    You don’t stop sprinting after you release the shift key, you have to slide, zoom, attack, throw or stop before you can stop sprinting

    I got surrounded by Compys, moved up a stone and they just disappeared.

    When I melee’d a dino to death, it killed myself too. (2 out of 3 times)

    Just listed some things that I noticed… most of them are pretty obvious and I’m sure you already knew them .. but .. oh well 😀
    Keep it going boys!


  3. Can’t launch the demo.
    The demo crash while loading (on the gray “Cryengine” screen).
    The last game.log lines are :
    ============================ Loading level Crynosaurs_Prototype ============================
    Registering TPS Extensions…
    CryAnimation: character-definition not found: objects/weapons/rifle/rifle_fp.cdf
    CryAnimation: character-definition not found: objects/weapons/shotgun/shotgun.cdf
    [flow] Cannot find console variable ‘g_DisableCollisionDamage’

    Windows 10
    i7 4790k
    AMD R9 390X
    16Go DDR3

      • Having almost same problem, cryengine error and stuff.
        Would love to try that dino stuff ^^

        I have Nvidia GTX 980 TI Zotac extreme
        I7 4790k
        16gb DDR


      • I will wait until the problem with AMD graphics card gets a patch.
        I hope I can play at 1800p with my AMD Radeon R9 290X and FX-8320.
        Also thanks for the amazing demo, I hope this project is going well.

  4. Oh man this is awesome.

    Scared the hell out of me so much I had to alt-tab out and write this comment.

    This is seriously good stuff, keep working on it please.

  5. Pretty nice! No problems with startup. Changed my graphics settings and has some serious lighting issues. It was like lightning was going off constantly. Restarted and everything was fine. Other than things that are already noted, I was able to easily outrun a T-rex while walking backwards because it needed to stop and roar every 10 seconds. My viewpoint was slowly pointing me downward when i would hold the mouse still. All and all, a great start!

    • Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, TRex chase time isn’t very long, esp when it’s injured. May need to increase that a bit.

  6. What Dinosaurs are in the Tech Demo, all I encountered so far was a T-Rex, are there any others or?

    • TRex, raptors, and baby raptors. Try using the bracket keys, [ ] to jump around the map, you’ll get near a nest. 🙂

  7. WOW!
    Spawned in
    was chased by a Rex
    Rex lost sight
    Sneaked up behind Rex
    Hit Rex with the Bad Stick
    Rex ate me…

    Well done! Very impressive for a two man team.

  8. Damn good job guys excellent jurassic forest, baby raptors animations ok , but trex
    needs a few more to smooth out flow.
    good immersiveness and great tod. hope you can keep up against the fan pressure.

    Crytek may loan you the animations from their dinosaur island HAHA

    Regards Rog

  9. Does it work on Mac ?
    I told a friend of mine to download it, he loves it. We skyped and he showed the game to me 😀 😀 awesome work guys !

  10. How did you guys manage to pack the game into only one gigabyte? Did you manually strip the game or is there a packaging program for CryEngine?

  11. Hi guys! I saw Gaming Beaver playing this yesterday and had to try it out. It’s a lot of fun hunting (or being hunted by) the dinos, and they look great. I’m most impressed by the atmosphere of the game, especially in the morning when the fog is thick. The visuals and sounds are fantastic.

    Here are some issues I encountered:

    I kept hearing loud, bellowing dinosaur noises from close by, but I could never find the dinos making them. Either they were just ambient sounds, or I’m really terrible at finding things. Either way it was pretty confusing.

    The invisible walls stopped me from climbing the mountains to get a better look at the landscape, which was immersion breaking. I also got trapped by them a few times when fleeing.

    Once, when I spawned in front of the raptor nest, a nearby raptor jumped on to the eggs and then dropped dead. It was pretty funny, actually. I hit it with my stick a bunch and stole its eggs (with the best intentions).

    When I was stalking the T-Rex it kept turning and looking right at me with its mouth open for a few seconds, then walking away, so it was never really clear whether he saw me or not.

    Whenever the spear throw animation played it would swing my crosshair way off to the left, and subsequently my spear, making it really inaccurate. I pretty much had to resort to melee the whole time.

    A couple of times when I respawned I was still “dead”, with the camera at an angle and no ability to move.

    I could never get above 25 fps even on low settings. This may be due to my PC having aged a bit since I built it in 2011. I’ll post my specs below.

    Windows 10 (64 bit)
    AMD FX-6100 Six Core Processor
    AMD Radeon HD 6900 Video Card
    8 GB RAM
    DirectX 11.2

    I can’t wait to play the next demo, keep up the awesome work!

  12. Any words on the AMD patch? no clue how long it takes to fix such a bug.

    Can’t wait to roam around this, is there any way we as user can help?

    Thanks! Cheers

    • Yeah, its coming along pretty well…fixing it and some other bugs. Just spread the word. 🙂

      • Great! i can’t wait to roam around! really awesome project and i am eager to see the progress along the future!

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  14. Will we be able to craft weapons and other stuff
    If so would we get the resources from actually cuting down trees or by finding sticks on the ground?
    Will we be able to build walls and floor and then put it togheter to make a house/shelter?
    Will there be more dinousars?
    Sorry for bad english 😉

  15. Experiencing the same crash as others on an AMD R9 290x. Final lines in the log file are:

    ============================ Loading level crynosaurs_prototype ============================
    Registering TPS Extensions…
    CryAnimation: character-definition not found: objects/weapons/rifle/rifle_fp.cdf
    CryAnimation: character-definition not found: objects/weapons/shotgun/shotgun.cdf
    [flow] Cannot find console variable ‘g_DisableCollisionDamage’

    Can’t wait to try this! 😀

  16. This game is siiiiiick. You guys have done a great job so far especially with only 2 people. The game is beautiful, the mountains are sick (I just wish i could climb them :/), the foliage and landscape are full and lush it’s amazing. Also, it would be awesome to see more dinosaurs in the future. One thing I noticed (it might just be me or my sound), it sounds like the dinosaur’s roars and growls and things don’t really indicate that their is a dinosaur in the area, so instead of listening for the growls and such I find myself listening for the footsteps, that don’t come nearly as often as the growls. But other than that this game is sweet and I hope you guys keep up the good work 😀

  17. What’s the progress on the AMD fix? I’m getting impatient on waiting to hunt some T-Rex!

  18. Saw some youtubr play it and it was AWESOME. The atmosphere was great. But my pc is not that high spec so i cant try it out 🙁 Anyway great work guys. Hope someday i’ll be able to check it out.

    • Yes, check the cave to the left of where you spawn in the swamp. One with water in it, you’ll need to dive below the water. 🙂

  19. I looked around got eaten by a rex twice

    found a raptor, got eaten

    found another raptor, brutally beat it with ma stick and my pro dodging

    killed two more raptors and found baby raptors I thought they looked cute

    off to find the compys sprinting through the woods going as far as possible to find my favourite dino the compy

    A raptor charged out of the bush in front of me and took me down with a loud screech

    it scared the shit out of me

    I never did see a compy

  20. when I launch it I get a message saying windows cannot find bin\win_x64_release\gamesdk.exe make sure you typed the name correctly then try again. pls give me a answer to the problem thx

    • Try going directly to \bin\win_x64_release, is GameSDK.exe there? If so, try launching it with that.