Tech Demo v1.0 Release!

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Note: You’ll need a crydev account to be able to play it. Just download, extract and modify the shortcut to point to your Launcher.exe’s location or just manually navigate to the Launcher.exe in the corresponding Bin folder. If the graphic settings are too high you can change the resolution in the UI or in the ‘Crynosaurs Tech Demo – v1.0′ folder open the system.cfg file. Adjust the sys_spec variable 1-4, 4 is the very high setting. AMD card owners, you may also need to add r_GeomInstancing = 0 to your system.cfg if you’re experiencing a freeze during the level load.

Happy new year! The time has finally come to give you guys something to play. We’ve all agreed our progress is far enough along to share it with everyone. We hope you enjoy it. :) Remember folks, this is just the first step of many more toward our goal. It is far from perfection. Some of you will encounter some interesting bugs, most of which we are painfully aware of and working on. Despite the issues, we feel it is still an enjoyable experience and thought it better to give everyone something to play now as we continue development.

This first dinosaur was a learning experience in many ways for all of us involved. As they say, the first step is always the hardest. Going forward we now hope to apply what we’ve learned to further refine and expand the ecosystem. Also keep in mind, this tech demo is just a proof of concept and isn’t really specific to either a Crynosaurs or RTJP game.

We’re very thankful to all those who have or are still contributing their time and effort to help realize this game. Special thanks to NTass94 who spent his whole summer holidays to get the beautiful map for the tech demo done in time. A lot of people outside the core team contributed their time to make this demo possible. A special thanks to all of those who supported the project by giving us constructive feedback and spreading the word. Also, a big thanks to the entire crydev community, especially to users seithcg, beast and all of the Crytek staff! We are truly grateful for your support.

We’d also like to thank some very talented individuals who made the vegetation packs we used:

Peterson and Mr.H0n$3L

We’re still as motivated as ever and will continue to keep you updated on our progress. We look forward to hearing your feedback on the tech demo so we can use it to make the next release that much better. We still have a long, long way to go but if we keep at it, we’re confident we can eventually get there.

We’re currently expanding the team, if anyone is interested in contributing their time to the project in any way please let us know. There are always things that need done, big and small.

Oh, I almost forgot…stay out of jungle at night. ;)

Take care and enjoy!


88 thoughts on “Tech Demo v1.0 Release!

  1. Wow, nice new game concept :)
    This is going to be huge!

    Finally the tech Demo is finished :’)
    Still going to support you guys and spreading the word to make it more popular. ;)
    You have done a fantastic job so far!

  2. OMG guys you did it ! thank you very very much :D

    and as for the video i don’t know if it’s you or not that are controling the raptor ..anyways please make such like a spectator mode “like the one in Jurassic park Operation Genesis, when you click on the dino ..” you are in the right way !

    Exellent job ! Twitted and shared :)

  3. Have tested but still you need some more animators ..and you should also add some sounds to the raptor (in the futur i know that this is just a tech demo :D )

    • Bah! Does it happen on the level load screen? It does for me sometimes too. Then it will work fine for days. Try it a few more times.

      • Yes, it’s on the loading screen… I’m trying for about 20 min and nothing.

        I tried to run the game on the Editor but, when it’s “Creating Objects”, my VGA driver stop working and CryEngine crashes =S

  4. I can’t start the game. I hear the “droping”sound in the Loading Screen but nothing happens. :/

  5. Works nice and smooth for me, although i’m using Windows XP :D

    By the way, is there a way to change the Day and night time? there is only 1 minute of day light :D
    I’ve already tried to edit the “default_time_of_day.tod” but it didn’t work for me.

    • I’m glad it is working for one person. :P You’d need to open it in the editor and create a “Time:TimeOfDay” flowgraph node to set the time, set the speed to zero. Then export to engine.

  6. Thx for your fast respond :D

    Do i need to open the “default_time_of_day.tod” with a special editor or with the one from windows?

    I’ve just added the line : Time:TimeOfDay=”0″ :D

    sry, if it’s too difficult to explain, then you don’t have to :D

  7. just starting the download now the raptor pov is interesting im speculating were your going with it. im itching with wonder!… to cheesy i new it :D

  8. the game launches fine but my game lags even when i put the sys_spec on 1 it is most likely my comp but im wonderin if theres a way to improve the fps?

    • Take the resolution down. You can do this in the game menu. That’s about all you can do. :(

  9. it didnt work the lowest resolution i can go is 1096 x 720 and there does not appear to be a difference :(

    • Bummer, I might also try forcing AA off in your graphics card settings. What is your CPU and GPU, just curious…

  10. errrmm my cpu… Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU B(^) @ 2.20GHz 20GHz i think thats what you need?

  11. Love the tech demo so far.
    I had a view errors while loading the screen though.
    But there is one ingame thing that im wondering about:
    The raptors don’t do anything even when they see me, or when i shoot them.
    I only get a reaction when from a witness raptor when i kill another one.
    From all the videos i saw i assume that it is supposed to walk around and stuff.

  12. Yeah I have also recognized this.
    The first raptor doesn’t do anything, he just looks into my direction . When I shoot him usually a second raptor attacks me.

    But when I walk towards him and wait a little bit he immediately attacks.

    Hope I could help :)

    • Thanks guys, if you need to get around quick F3 will let you fly and F11 will show you where the raptors are.

  13. Hey here i am again.
    I tried the line of code, since i found out have an AMD card.
    No more freezes after loading AND the raptors now work!
    I love how a single one can get scared but in a group they will attack me.
    Also i just wanted to tell you that the island is amazing, keep up the good work!
    Oh and sorry for the bad english in my previous comment, i wasn’t thinking clearly :-P

  14. Love the concept! would be awesome if you chould add torrent for easier dl tho :3
    but keep it up guys! this can easily be huge! :) ))

  15. I recently watched a video for Jurassic Life, which is a dinosaur-based game built using Valve’s engine. There are many limitations presented by Valve’s engine, both in terms of game mechanics, physics, and graphics.

    You have chosen to utilize Cry Engine and, in my opinion, there is no better solution. This engine excels in all categories when it comes to game development; especially for a game that involves dinosaurs and dense jungles. So I’ll move on to some key points I would like to make; they’re just my opinions, so you can ignore them, obviously.

    1. The important aspect of this game isn’t necessarily the graphics, because they’re already a hundred times better than anything else on the market. The most important aspect, in my opinion, is AI mechanics; the movement of these reptiles needs to be perfected, as it is very important to the gameplay. Jurassic Life, for example, has very choppy movements (yes, I know they are not finalized and it was just an example). When I start a game, I want my friends and I to be immersed in a world that can feel real.

    2. Don’t turn this into the FPS that every other game is becoming lately. We’ve already got TDM dinosaur games and, quite frankly, I find them to be a bit stupid. Dinosaurs are the new zombies and they are a thousand times more interesting and scary. This game should offer cooperative play — I want to be able to log in with my friends and be placed in the middle of a jungle, where I need to survive.

    3. I think the most important thing to me is that my friends and I are able to explore. I dislike games that are linear, in the sense that “you have to kill this” or “you have to finish this objective.” If I want to explore and spend my afternoon watching plant-eating dinosaurs graze, then I should be able to. Anyone who has watched Jurassic Park knows what I’m talking about; it’s absolutely stunning watching dinosaurs go about their daily life. I 100% believe that any game that forces you to do something you don’t wish to do is ridiculous.

    Imagine starting on a shore with two of your friends. Together, you find a shelter to spend the night; during the night you must watch for the many dinosaurs that will be searching for food. When daylight comes, you exit the building and follow a stream to an open field; in this field you see plant-eating dinosaurs of all types, grazing peacefully. You then feel an intense shake as you see a T-Rex smash a tree a hundred yards away; the T-Rex then begins to attack one of the dinosaurs.

    It would obviously take years to develop, but it’s a good dream, right?

  16. i thought id post an update on my lag adventures, sorta…. ive updated my grahpics card and games like minecraft run better, but chrynosaurs seems to have little if no difference, but ive noticed that by pressing shift f3 u end up in the middle of the ocean were i seem to have smooth fps, so i think its all the dynamic foliage, so im wondering if the could be a setting to turn stuff like that off or limit it in worlds? that would really make my day as i really want to play this game. :)

  17. i can’t get it to run. i have a intel 2.66 ghz quad core processor a nvidia gtx 570 gpu and windows 7 64 bit, i clicked on the launcher.exe in bin 64 a black window pops up and after a few seconds it disapears and nothing happens same thing happens in bin 32 folder as well, the editor shows the loading screen and disapears. i also clicked on the crydevlogin.exe and an error shows saying that it has failed to start because the side-by-side config is incorrect, i do have a crydev account. any help would be appreciated, thanks and keep up the good work been looking foward to this for some time

    • Hmm…well, it’s not the hardware..I have a gtx 570. In the root folder there should be a Game.log file. See if there are any clues in there.

        • So…it never even brings up the crydev login prompt? You tried it again after installing crysis 2 right? You might be missing a .Net redistribution package. Hmm

  18. It looks amazing!
    How you make the game for free and the way it looks already, make it to the most expected game in my hole life. :D
    I will tell everbody about this because it should have much more audience.

    You are doing great Work!
    Greetings from Germany

  19. Just downloading from Torrent now and can’t wait to see it in action! (If it runs that is)

    After watching the video and reading through the comments, I also have some thoughts or feedback for you guys if it’s worth anything :)

    I totally agree with TheHappyPeanut in what he says.

    1. Graphically, awesome. Lush jungles, waterfalls, day and night cycle. All look spectacular. Have perfect looking dinosaurs and theres nothing more to be done looks-wise in my opinion.

    2. Guns. I’ve played a couple of dinosaur games in my time, Primal Carnage being one and I’ve played some survival games in my time, DayZ being one, a lot!

    What i got with Primal Carnage was “oh its a really quick FPS with monsters that could really be anything.”

    What i get with DayZ is a bit more complex. You’ve got zombies to get away from and other players to avoid/laise with at your peril. However, the zombies become a lot less scary when your in possession of anything bigger than a pistol and you know that you can actually just run past them and they will eventually give up after some time.
    I fear this COULD happen here and having a gun gives me the feeling, as the character im controlling, that i’m here to hunt them and slaughter them, rather than escape/avoid the dangerous ones and watch amazing creatures in awe and wonder.

    3. Being able to explore freely a dinosaur world is a DREAM come true. Whether it be at night in the middle of a storm, or a sleepy sunset. From the treeline of a riverbank, to the top of a high hide. Watching them eat, play, hunt eachother…or running for my life.

    I imagine this is something I can put on my PC in the background while doing work with a perfect view over the savannah and looking up every now and again when something crazy or amazing happens.

    Again, can’t wait to play it! :) I just hope it’s less a FPS, more an experience that changes each time, especially with friends.

    • After playing it, I am in awe of what this can turn out to be :)

      Only one thing wrong with mine. When i shoot the machine gun, in the air or in the water, everything is fine. When i shoot the gun at a raptor and hit it, everything goes black apart from the crosshair for roughly 2 seconds and then comes back again.
      While its black, you can hear everything still happening in the background and the crosshair is still there so its quite weird :P

  20. can someone give me a simple explenation on how to get rid of the black screen when i log on to the game…?dont understand what to do and i read all posts

    • and every time i try to save what i wrote it says its already running so i have to copy it out then write in the code then put it in the folder…

        • what u mean change?i take out system.cfg put in r_GeomInstancing = 0 in the symstem.cfg save it then put it back in the folder…

  21. You mentioned that it said ‘ already running’ when trying to save it. Just edit system.cfg and add the command, save it, then start the game.

  22. Hi ! nice job for this game ! i’ve 3 screens , resolution 4536X900, how can i play with this resolution ?
    must i do something in game directory ?

  23. in game directory i don’t find
    r_Height = 768
    r_Width = 1024

    do you know who is it ?

    • try pressing the tilde key and try those commands for your resolutions. r_Height and r_Width

  24. in system.cfg. maybe must i take :
    r_Height = 900
    r_Width = 4536

  25. Hourra ! it work !

    when the game is running you must pressing the tilde key (but i’ve a “azerty” keyboard , the tidle is “Alt Gr” + 2 (the 2 key underside the “echap”key)
    and register :


    (4536×900 is my nativ resolution with eyefinity)

  26. I finally got to play the demo. It is AMAZING!
    My computer had some serious problems with running this but it worked… kind of
    The Raptors were teleporting around :D

  27. I know this is a work in progress, but can you add hissing and feathers to you raptors? And maybe even feathers to the Tyrannosaurus Rex? It just adds so much to the feeling of realism, and makes them look a lot better.

  28. Just wanted to let you know that as a student on my way to a paleontology degree this game makes me very happy. The dinosaur models are spectacular. I would love to see an Alamosaurus in the game as well!