Steam Early Access Release!

Hey everyone, the time has finally arrived…almost. We’ll be releasing Collision Course on Early Access the first week in January so get your GPU warmed up. :) Here’s just a glimpse of what’s coming.



10 thoughts on “Steam Early Access Release!

  1. Tried your demo today.

    The atmosphere is AMAZING. The sound is great and very immersive. Much better than Ark for example. The dino movements / animations are also very realistic.
    I was actually scared :D so good luck with your project, i ll follow it for sure !

  2. I’m really looking forward to the Steam release and upcoming updates. I’ve been following for a while.

  3. Great to hear! I’ve been following this project since I found it about a year ago!
    Guys, make this game great! I am going to buy this game absolutely when it is in early access!

  4. Been playing the demo for the past few days……….I pray to jeebuz that you guys are gonna release it on steam this week. Is it gonna happen?